Camp Pictures 2006

Portraits of all the children and guides in our camp. | 9th august 2006 | 102 pictures
Here, you will find a complete image collection of all the children and their guides of our camp.

The children are arriving in the camp. | 9th August 2006 | 16 pictures
2pm. After a long journey by plane, train and bus, the children finally arrive in the camp at Glaubenberg. This album shows the first impressions.

First days in the camp | 10th August 2006 | 21 pictures
The first days were already full of activities: playing with the soldiers, medical checks and colourful opening party with our clown Gugu.

Fashion distribution among the children | 11th August 2006 | 23 pictures
The Caritas Switzerland distributed a lot of fashions among the children.

Visit at Glasi Hergiswil, Orienteering | 12th August 2006 | 20 pictures
The glass production in Hergiswil was in every way a special event for the kids. After having a look at the glass production we could find an exhibition. We liked a lot to make experiences around the glass with all our four senses.
It was a rainy and cold day today. Nevertheless, the children were motivated for the next quest: orienteering walk on the areal. They searched with passion for the key word to get a prise.

A boat trip on the lake Luzern | 16. August 2006 | 30 pictures
On this nice day we were on a boat trip on the lake Luzern

Summerparty on the Glaubenberg | 16.08.2006 | 26 pictures
The Summerparty on the Glaubenberg was a very much fun for everybody

Visit at the zoo in Goldau | 17. August 2006 | 25 pictures
The wisit at the zoo in Goldau was blessed with nice weather and much sun.

Open door | 19th August 2006 | 37 pictures
Today was a sunny day with a lot of pleasure on the camp: The visitors were impressed by the activities and the traditional performance of the children. After a good lunch and a lot of impression, the visitors left the camp with new expirience.

Open Air Museum Ballenberg | 20th August 2006 | 19 pictures
Today, we went with the children to the open air museum Ballenberg where they could get in touch with traditional Swiss architecture. In addition to this, the children learnt a lot about the old-fashioned professions. They enjoyed the BBQ very next to the forest.

On the mount Pilatus | 20th August 2006 | 18 pictures
It was a curious moment when we arrieved with the children on the top of the mount Pilatus: rainy and clowdy weather was all around. But the weather changed very soon and we enjjoyed a beautiful view over Lucerne, its lake and the flat land.